David Barrett has been writing songs about sport as well as life for 20 years or so. The work has found its way from the lofty heights of the Olympics to the more tranquil valleys of PBS specials...from motion pictures all the way to that yearly anthem that all basketball lovers know by heart..."One Shining Moment".

David comments about the writing of One Shining Moment:

"Writing this song changed my life. Strange how that is so. I mean; the writing came so effortlessly. I knew immediately after that I had something special on my hands. In fact I got up from the piano and went immediately to the phone and called a friend and said... "Glen I just wrote a great song." It was almost like... "where did this come from?" In any case, the song opened all sorts of doors for me in a professional sense. But on a personal note, it also showed me to write about what mattered to me. I mean, I just wrote it because I thought it was worth writing. I learned to trust that. For years I had been listening to what others thought was valid. It was this song that made it clear to me that my job was to write about what I know, and tell the truth about that... Simple."

David currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For information about David Barrett, please visit his personal website at



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